Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ain't It Fun?

     Sleeveless dress, thrifted from BKK // 3-quarter sleeves cropped top, BKK // Tapestry sling bag, thrifted from Pasir Ris flea 

That day, I went to the dinosaur exhibition @ MBS and it was pretty good. Dinosaur bones and fossils and what not. Cool, cool. 

This long dress was $2. How can I not encourage thrift shopping? I love its pattern and the functional buttons that go all the way down. Kinda looks like a granny's dress but somehow looks very UNIF too, which it's a good thing. 

The sling clutch/bag was $6 and I thought it was 6 bucks well spent. I love the combination of tapestry, lace and the burnt out velvet together. It gives me the homely feel of it, like if it's handmade which it just might be since the seller told me it was from overseas! Overall, it is a cute little bag to carry around and has successfully made into my vintage collections of bags.

LASTLY. Showing you guys my new Pandora charm my friends got me for my birthday. (It's a funny thing though.) It's supposedly a "sun" but it resembles more of a sunflower to me. And it's supposed to represent me since my surname's "Sun". Hahahaha, too cute.


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