Saturday, March 22, 2014


Fur crop spaghetti top, Topshop inspired // Black pants, online blogshop // Chunky knit cardigan, Zara 

Hey, I'm back and I feel guilty for not posting as regularly as I should. Thing is, I had been wavering in my decision to carry on with this blog or not. And I kid you not that I'm THIS close to hitting the delete button. But I know things aren't easy and I need to be more determined so here I am, carrying on. 

I've worn this outfit to work and I thought it was one of formal yet dressy enough. I've started to take a liking to pants even though I used to feel that only grown up women wear them. I guess since I'm almost 18, I shouldn't be all about just skirts. If I'm gonna take this outfit up a notch, I would wear a black floppy hat with it! Or if just so I wanna look vampy/witchy. And definitely opt for a dark colored lipstick. But I'm good with this neutral-ish look with all these black mixed into it. What do you think?
Psst, I can't wait to have a whole new hairstyle. 


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