Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day.

 Denim jacket, re-seller // Black cropped top, Thailand // Tartan yoke pleat skirt, Moschino // Ruffled socks, Daiso // Red wing boots 

Hi! How was your Valentine's Day? Mine was good! Except that I did not get to spend alone time with my boyfriend because that day I was at the airport and @ Mandarin Oriental hotel with my group of friends. All just to catch a glimpse of Avril and her bandmates. In which I felt terribly guilty because Valentines was spent just like that for my boyfriend, waiting with me. I'm sorry :-( 

On another note, I had an outfit just for Valentines featuring my way-too-perfect Moschino skirt. It was tartan with a really gorgeous embroidery. It has a heart and roses, a letter "M" for Moschino (of course). I was literally blown away when I picked it up at the store. $45 for this skirt, I'm saying that it is money well spent. Boyfriend was wearing the pullover I got him for advanced Valentine's Day present which had red tartan elbow pads! (Our couple attire, haha) 

& for what my boyfriend got me, he bought the wallet that I was eyeing for and surprised me with flowers!!! My first ever bouquet. It was a surprise because he told me that he couldn't get flowers since this season wasn't the flower season and thus, they were limited. But, cheekily as always, he did. I love you, baby! <3 


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