Saturday, December 28, 2013

Karma Loop / Xmas

Unboxed goodies from Karma Loop! Jumped on the bandwagon of online shopping during the Christmas sales and I got myself these: -

1. White opaque high high socks
2. Renaissance crop top in blue
3. Softside sweater in black
4. Besitos shorts in teal

Christmas this year was more exciting for me. I got to have a bbq celebration with my school clique where we also played Secret Santa! They were such an amazing company and their gifts were all so cute and thoughtful. It is also the first Christmas celebration spent with my lovely boyfriend who got me the Pandora ring I have been lusting over for months. Last of all, a picture of my baby Ginger in the apparently messy room of mine. This thanksgiving, I am thankful for all these people in my life as well as my fluffy silent emotional companion because she is the greatest gift of all. 


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